The Guy Behind the ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Twitter Account Gets a Job Writing...

The Guy Behind the ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Twitter Account Gets a Job Writing for Fox

SEINFELD, Jerry Seinfeld, 1990-1998, season 8, television.

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Jack Moore: a hero for all the unemployables of the world. You might not know his name, but there’s a chance you’re familiar with his work. Former BuzzFeed writer Moore is one of the minds behind the popular Twitter account Modern Seinfeld, which invents plot devices for the Seinfeld characters based on present day pop culture fixations, current events, and technological crazes. Thanks to his Twitter project alone, Moore has attracted the attention of the Fox network, earning a job writing for the developing sitcom Us & Them, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The series, which will star Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter, centers on the theme of online romance — an appropriate subject matter for Moore, whose brand of comedy seems to be pinpointing the eccentricities in the present generation’s day-to-day living. Some recent examples of Moore’s Twitter, which he runs with fellow writer Josh Gondelman:

So next time your financial analyst sister or marketing executive brother are getting on your case for wasting your time on Twitter when you should be sending out résumés and going on interviews, point them to Moore: a man who earned a coveted position thanks to his aptitude with a hashtag.

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