More NBC Coming To Netflix Instant

NetflixNBC Universal just signed a deal with Netflix to bring more of their shows to the Watch Instantly feature and those shows include selections from NBC’s cable networks!

Let’s not waste time when there is TV to be watched! Here’s what is coming to Netflix:

-More SNL. While not every episode will be available, you’ll get hundreds of them from the past 35 years. Also (and this is awesome) you’ll see the new episodes Sunday after they air for the next three years. Which also means SNL will be on for the next three years. By that time we’ll be looking back on SNL in 2010 as when it was ‘good.’

-While The Office and 30 Rock are already on there, looks like season 6 and season 4 (respectively) will be available sooner as well as all the older seasons which were already there.

Law and Order: SVU will be back. I guess that’s a good thing.

Monk, In Plain Sight, and Psych are apparently shows that are on the USA network. Good thing they’ll now be streaming. I hate that I’ve missed these for the past eight years.

Friday Night Lights. Including the final season when it switched over to not-NBC. I still won’t watch this show.

Battlestar Galactica! Frack yeah! I’ve been meaning to get into this show for about a year now and I have no more excuses! Totally going to blaze through this one.

So between this and Blockbuster filing for bankruptcy, you really have no excuse for not having Netflix.

Souce: Deadline