Morgan Freeman Takes a Snooze in the Middle of a Live Interview

Credit: Q13 FOX News

We’ve all seen how adorable it is when a kitten suddenly falls asleep, but watching Morgan Freeman nod off in the middle of a live interview is even cuter.

In an effort to promote his new magic-filled flick, Now You See Me, Freeman accidently dozed off during an on-air interview with Tacoma FOX affiliate Q13. Luckily, Freeman’s co-star Michael Caine was chatty enough for the both of them and he carried the conversation with his ooh’s and aah’s of admiration for the film’s incredible illusions.

Take a look at the clip below to watch Freeman fall asleep in the early morning interview. Clearly the fella just needs some extra Zs. “Maybe he was up too late partying,” the station mused on their website.

Now You See Me hits theaters Friday, May 30.

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