We Interrupt This Broadcast So Morgan Freeman Can Talk About Twerking (See For Yourself…)

I wish I could tell you that the Oxford English Dictionary fought the good fight, and that Miley Cyrus let it be. I wish I could tell you that. But pop culture is no fairy tale world. And now, “twerking” is officially a word in our once dignified language.

Ushering the shameful neologism into the linguistic canon is, quite appropriately, the man who has made a living on saying words out loud: Morgan Freeman. The Shawshank star appeared on Robin Meade’s morningtime TV series Morning Express on Wednesday, reciting the definition of twerking for the grieving viewers at home: “To dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner.”

Morgan FreemanWENN

Wait, that’s what Miley Cyrus was going for? We understood that performance to be less “sexually provocative” and more “somebody help me, the aliens have full reign over my central nervous system.”

At least now whenever we witness the pandemic malfeasance we’ll have the soothing baritone of Ellis Redding right there on the forefront of our conscious to comfort us.

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