Morgan Spurlock Says Hulu Is the Future of TV — EXCLUSIVE

Morgan SpurlockMorgan Spurlock is famous for challenging our stalwart perceptions of daily reality.

Since he gained mainstream popularity for his documentary exposing the dangers of the (apparently) indestructible McDonald’s French fry (and other mind-boggling McTreats) in Super Size Me and took his anti-establishmentarianism a step further by questioning the American practice of marketing in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold by funding it completely with product placement, Spurlock has become a go-to source for an alternate look at the realities we all think we know. Now, he’s at the helm of the Hulu original series A Day in The Life, and the way he sees it, we’re looking at the future. Something tells me we should probably listen.

Spurlock’s docu-series follows various “driven” subjects – Season Two will include such pop culture personalities as Joel McHale, Questlove and Das Racist. But his venture into online original programming isn’t just a chance to experience the life of a celeb; it’s an indication of the future. “The model is very smart. The people who are running [Hulu] are really brilliant and have a lot of foresight into what’s going to be coming next,” he says.

Joel McHaleAnd with the advent of technologies that connect our televisions to internet services like Hulu and Netflix, it may not be long before there’s no distinction between what constitutes television programming and online programming. It’s a notion Spurlock sees in the near future: “I think there’s going to be a real unification of content delivery … this whole idea of things that are only available on the internet or things that are only on TV, within the next five to seven years will be eliminated completely,” he says. “It will be one pipe … whether that pipe leads to a computer screen or it feeds into a tabletop viewing box, a.k.a. a television … that it will all come into one place.”

And if things keep going the way they are, Spurlock’s series could continue to be a part of that transition. A Day in the Life’s unique peek into the lives of fascinating successful people essentially has infinite source material. “There are so many people to cover that to pop in and pop out on that one day is fantastic … right now we’ve done 16 and I think we can do another 60. So I think the possibilities are just endless.”

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