Mos Def Nabs ‘Dexter’ Role

Mos DefYeah, this is probably going to be badass. Mos Def is joining Dexter next season for multiple episodes. He is not one of the characters that producers have already announced. Instead, he’ll play a “hardened ex-con” who finds hope in religion but of course has trouble escaping violence. As expected, his real story will unfold with Dexter’s help.

This news comes shortly after we found out that Colin Hanks would also be appearing on the Showtime hit during season six. It seems that after adding names like Julia Stiles and John Lithgow in the past, Dexter is hooked on grabbing well-known folks to bolster its viewership — not that any of us are complaining. Showtime big wigs have said that this season there is no “one big bad,” so get used to wondering which of these folks will end up being allies and which ones will end up being pains in Dexter’s ass. Production begins next month and while Showtime hasn’t officially announced the premiere date, I doubt they’ll hold it past fall.

Source: THR