Series Finales That Left Us Underwhelmed


Thousands of landlords probably were able to bill people for damage done to the walls when people threw their remotes after these lame season finales.

St. Elsewhere 

One of the best hospital dramas was only in the mind of an autistic boy? OK then… way to completely trivialize the acting work done by such great actors as Denzel Washington, William Daniels and Howie Mandel. OK, maybe the third one is a stretch. But still.. it was just a complete copout and I’m surprised the writers didn’t get laughed out of the room when the idea was first suggested.


This show should undergo the judicial process for its terrible finale where the gang of four are on trial. It was one of the best shows and it just was the most lackluster idea for a finale that I could imagine. The only way it could have been worse was have it all be a fever dream for Kramer. 

The Sopranos

There are some people who think this is actually a great ending for the show and that it shows how Tony Soprano died. I’m not in that camp. My reaction was: “Wait. Why is my TV black now? WHAT HAPPENED? ARGH!”*checks internet* “IT WAS DELIBERATE?!?!” Yeah, people shouldn’t have to be scratching their heads wondering if their television was on the fritz. 


It was a dream. Really? REALLY? Dallas  does the wimpy dream thing. You know, the whole Bobby Ewing dying thing and then magically walking out of a shower like a year later. It just wiped out a whole lot of funny laughs. Also, who the hell dreams for like 40 hours straight without waking up? 

Quantum Leap

This ending took one of the best concepts ever and just spit on it. They weren’t content to show this guy trying to time-travel back to his time and have it end will. Nope. Not only did it end with a stupid negative caption about how the show ended, they spelled the main character’s as “Dr. Sam Becket” instead of “Beckett”. I hope whoever proofread that got fired and is working as a janitor in a movie studio now.


Yes, we know they went extinct, but it was a cute show about dinosaurs with human-like personalities. In the final episode, they ended it on SUCH a bummer. I’ve never understood why some of these sitcoms — you know, shows that derive their highest ratings by making people LAUGH — end their runs on such low notes. Is it a double-middle finger at those who stopped watching it and thus made them wind up having to wrap it up? Who knows. 

Sex & The City

The movies tried to redeem what was a horrible ending, but sadly, the second movie was even worse. Of course I found out about this from my wife. She was livid when she saw how it ended in such a wishy-washy way for Carrie and everyone else on the show. 


It was all in her head as a writer?  That’s almost as bad as Newhart! What is it with writer’s taking the easy way out when it comes to stuff like this? It’s like they had a plane to catch during the final writing session and they were like, “OK. Let’s just make her a writer and it all having been in her head.” “Works for me!” “OK!” “See ya guys!” 


Taking a bit from the Alf write-up: Leaving a friendly alien in the hands of the military is NOT how I would end a sitcom. Just my own 2 cents. You had this strange-looking alien that resembled a furry, big-nosed Ronald Reagan and spend most of the show having him do silly things. Now you end it on such a bummer like that? What is wrong with these writers?

Little House on the Prairie

“We’re gonna blow up our town to prove a point!” A sane person would then say, “Wait, what? Have you been drinking the moonshine again?” Poor Michael Landon deserved better than this than to have that last episode on his acting resume. Fortunately, Highway to Heaven rescued him. 

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