‘Mrs. Eastwood & Co’ Star Dina Eastwood Answers: Will There Be Clint?

Mrs. Eastwood and Company E!If you saw that Clint Eastwood’s wife and kids are about to star in their own reality show and did a quadruple take to make sure you weren’t hanging upside down and reading in a foreign language, then you’re not alone. The notion of E! following a family of people who aren’t married/dating to basketball players and playboys in sunny Los Angeles, or a family of girlfriends sharing the same 80-year-old bachelor, or some other form of the L.A. “fairytale” seems unfathomable, but according to Mrs. Eastwood and Company star Dina Eastwood, her E! reality show really does lie outside of the Kardashian realm. “I keep saying they’re Liz Taylor and we’re the Beverly Hillbillies, but Clint doesn’t like it when I say that,” she tells Hollywood.com.

But we’re talking about famous families living out their daily lives and adventures on E! — the two series even air one after the other. How can they be so disparate? To Eastwood, it’s a little more complicated than that. “It’s interesting to see the polar opposite way of living, yet the same,” Eastwood explains, adding, “In the big picture we’re all the same. In the smaller picture we’re so very different. It might be intriguing for people to get almost a flip side of the glamorous life that we see the Kardashians live.”

Whether they’re secretly glamorous or down home and down-to-earth, Eastwood says her family is meant to be on television. She started the reality show to showcase the work she does with the band she manages, but when filming began, she says her family started to shine. “I [said] to the production company … ‘You guys should meet my kids. They’re really off the wall.’ They’re not like typical all-I-care-about-is-my-clothes kids,” says the 46-year-old.

Of course, the big question you’ve been waiting for this article to answer like a rabid little bunny eying a bunch of carrots is: When will we see Clint? We needs the Clint! Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is: There will be Clint. The bad news is: There won’t be that much Clint. “He didn’t sign up for this,” Eastwood says. “Since he’s a great husband, he’s with me in scenes because we’re married and he’s cool enough to not go ‘no cameras’ on me.” Plus, Eastwood mentions that Clint is “the sweetest dad” so perhaps we’ll get at least a glimpse of his softer side.

Even if Clint doesn’t show up as often as we want, he’s instilled his no-nonsense demeanor in his brood. “There’s not a lot of drama within the family, so it’s not a scary thing to put them on because it’s not like there’s stuff that’s going to be exposed,” says the family matriarch. 

And from the sounds of things, she and her family are well-prepared for their time in the limelight: “I’ve warned the girls a million times, like: ‘Look in the mirror. Every single bit of your face is going to be torn apart by hundreds of people, saying that you’re unattractive, that you had a pimple, that your nose is upturned too much, that you’re fat.'” she says. “I know we’ll take intense criticism and be complimented too. It’s going to be a mixed bag and that’s something I’m just completely at peace with.”

Mrs. Eastwood and Company premieres May 20 at 10 PM ET/PT on E!. Will you be watching?

Reporting by Lindsey DiMattina.