MTV Greenlights Pauly D, Snooki and JWoww Spinoffs

Snooki and JwowwWell, it looks like the STDs and tequila are going to keep flowing, even before the whole Jersey Shore gang makes it to It-ly. MTV just greenlit both Pauly D’s untitled reality show and Snooki and JWoww’s joint reality venture, which is also untitled. Great. Both will shoot 12 episodes and start filming later this year. They won’t air until 2012.

The Snooki and JWoww show purports to place the best friends in the reality of everyday life to see what happens “when the vacation is over.” Um, hello. I’m pretty sure that any day in the life of two people whose sole source of income is their own fame is about as far from reality as it gets. But we’ll let that slide. Still, unless they place this dynamic duo amongst the richie rich kids in Newport Beach or let them attempt to be normal in some small Midwestern town, it’s just going to be the same antics without the landscape of guido gorilla juiceheads.

As for Pauly D, also known as the only Jersey Shore cast member I ever manage to agree with, he’ll be touring the country as a DJ with his Rhode Island friends while the cameras roll. This all sounds a little more sane that we like our Jersey Shore, but hey, Pauly’s always been the voice of reason so it makes sense. Maybe his friends will be a bunch of crazy whack jobs like his housemates in Jersey, otherwise who is going to educate on pink eye or how to avoid grenades?

Does anyone else find it funny that MTV rejected a “classy” Lauren Conrad show so that they could fill their lineup with pregnant teenagers, Jersey Shore kids, and a group of teens who get so sexy and drugged up that the Parents Television Council filed an actual claim against them? It’s like they’re trying to become the trashiest network out there.

Source: The Wrap