MTV Orders Pilot Starring Dan Savage

dan savageGot a boyfriend with no left hand and you don’t know how to ask him to try to be better at multitasking during foreplay? Or a girlfriend who told you she’s got a crush on her history professor and you don’t know how to say you’ve actually been wanting to have sex with him for the last three years? Well now, courtesy of MTV (the savior to fat kids with overbearing mothers), you no longer have to wait weeks for a written response from Dan Savage as to what you should do because soon you’ll be able to ask him in person! (Although I don’t know why you would because he’s Dan Savage, and almost everything he’s ever said leads me to believe he would definitely never even give a pregnant and frozen chipmunk the uneaten plastic sleeve that surrounded the salami slices that were in his sandwich, let alone care enough about your problem to give you sincere advice).

But nonetheless, MTV has ordered a pilot that will follow Savage as he travels around the country, speaking at colleges on the topics of sex, politics, and obviously gay rights. Savage is famous for the Savage Love column he writes for Seattle’s The Stranger, where he first bashes the people who ask him for guidance, then denigrates the very topic his seekers were brave enough to write to him about in the first place (“I’m not sure what his missing left hand has to do with anything….”) and then tells them what they could do to solve the issue before saying he’s not sure and that things could get awkward. Who knows if putting Savage face-to-face with the people asking him for help will change the tone which he uses to provide feedback, but it’s definitely going to be worth a shot if the whole Skins vessel continues to sink.

Source: EW