MTV Renews ‘The Challenge’ For a 25th Unnecessary Season


The violent, beer-soaked marriage between The Real World and Road Rules has outlasted most Hollywood couplings. MTV announced last week that The Challenge, the competition show that pits survivors of both its predecessors against each other in a quest for cash, will be back for an unprecedented 25th season. That’s one less than The Simpsons. Is this really necessary?

It must be for the contestants, many of whom seem to be making their living solely by appearing on the show season after season. Why get a real job when you can get paid to drink yourself into oblivion on national television? If there’s one person associated with this show who deserves to get rich, it’s the post-production sound guy. That’s a whole lot of “bleeps.” Maybe we’re getting old, but watching people well into their 30s tossing punches and slurred insults just makes us sad. Time to retire the giant foam jousting sticks, MTV.

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