MTV’s ‘Restore the Shore’: Did You Watch and Donate?

ALTOne of the biggest gripes many have against the cast of the Jersey Shore, much like the argument regarding most reality television stars, is that they are famous for no good reason. That they make buckets of money for often deplorable behavior and are causing the downfall of civilization. But even if you are of the variety that doesn’t find the antics of The Situation amusing, not even the most hardened cynic or reality TV detractor could have a bad thing to say about the good deed that the cast of the Jersey Shore did on Thursday night. 

Cast members Vinny GuadagninoNicole ‘Snooki’ PolizziSammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola, Deena Cortese, Jenni ‘JWOWW’ Farley, Pauly D, and Ronnie Ortiz Magro (Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino was MIA for the broadcast) all took part in Restore the Shore, a one-hour special devoted to raising money for the devastated Jersey coastline, which was ravaged late last month when Hurricane Sandy hit. To date, the storm has killed 110 people in the northeast region, and has left countless others with lost or damaged property. While the beach house that the Jersey Shore cast has called home for six seasons was not impacted by the hurricane, the gang still did their part to help those who were effected by Sandy. 
Hosted by MTV personality Sway, the program —which also featured musical performances from Phillip Phillips and Gym Class Heroes and special appearances by Pink, Christina Aguilera, Simon Cowell, Kelly Clarkson, Jay Leno, and Kim Kardashian, among others — was as touching and important as the telecast that NBC Universal held two weeks ago to raise money and awareness. 
The cast —who looked understandably shocked, saddened, and humbled by the devastation they witnessed firsthand when they visited the region — talked to Seaside Heights locals who lost everything, helped their boss Danny clean out his ruined business, and did whatever they could to help. “I wanna do everything I can to help rebuild Seaside…it breaks my heart,” an emotional Snooki, who also joked that if their unscathed house could survive them, it could take on that “bitch Sandy,” declared. Vinny shared that he was helping not only at the Jersey Shore, but the ravaged Staten Island, his home town. 
While it’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around the chief of police rightly calling the Jersey Shore cast “good kids” for returning to the place that made them famous to lend a helping hand, that’s nothing compared to the footage they’re seeing or imaging the pain and loss those along the shore are suffering. Even the most fervent fans of Jersey Shore have cried that they are bored with the turn the cast and the show has taken lately, but if this is the new Jersey Shore, one that helps make a new Jersey Shore, this terribly bittersweet ending should make a fan out of all of us. 
Watch some of the heartbreaking clips from Restore the Shore below, including a visit with Seaside Heights’ mayor Bill Akers:

Did you pick up your duck phone and donate? Were you inspired to see the Jersey Shore doing their part to help the town that gave them so much? Are you a new fan or renewed fan of the show thanks to the Restore the Shore telethon? Share in the comments section below and don’t forget, you can still donate to relief efforts here

[Photo credit: MTV]