The New Season of ‘The Real World’ Will Force Castmembers to Live Together in a House With Their Exes

The Real World: San FranciscoMTV

After 21 years of camera-fueled drama, MTV has decided to add another twist to The Real World formula. According to Entertainment Weekly, the 29th season of the popular reality show will star seven strangers living in a house together with… their exes.

Aptly called The Real World: Ex-Plosion, the show will start with seven (probably attractive) people from around the country living in an insanely gorgeous home — this season the show will take place in San Francisco  forcing them to bond with each other (or, you know, completely want to rip each other’s hair out). But to the cast members’ surprise, when they return from a day trip, they’ll find their lovely exes living with them in their home. TWIST.

Now, while you might be bringing your palm to your forehead and wondering what society has come to, let’s just pause and think about this for a second. If we had to deal with a 29th season of the show anyways, why not change things up a little bit? People initially got into the show because it was real life drama that they could watch and live through vicariously. But as the years have gone by, the drama has become somewhat predictable. So why not bring exes in? Almost everyone can relate to drama with exes (unfortunately). And what better way for the once-couples to get complete closure (or have post-break-up sex) than on a TV show watched by millions of people? Perfect.

“When we cast people we usually always try to cast single people,” said Jonathan Murray, the co-creator of the reality show. “And they’d say they were single during the casting process. Then the moment they arrived at the house suddenly their ex was back in their life. I don’t know if it’s a safety blanket or that we’re never really done with our exes. When you talk about the age of our cast, their ex is often their first love — they play a huge role in their life.” Nicely played, Murray. Nicely played. 

But hey, as long as there’s still a hot tub to heat up excessive, juicy gossip in, the show won’t be that different.