MTV To Air ‘True Life’ Episode About Orlando Nightclub Shooting

MTV’s True Life known for ridiculous episodes like True Life: I’m A Staten Island Girl and True Life: I Have A Strange Habit, where a girl literally eats emery boards. In a rare change of pace, True Life is going to have a very real and very heartbreaking episode.

True Life: We Are Orlando will follow the survivors of the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub. The episode will focus on how the survivors are dealing with the trauma and coming to terms with the events that happened. MTV is currently documenting all of the emotional and physical recovery surrounded by surviving such a devastating event, and from the looks of it, we’re going to need to watch it with a box of tissues.

The episode will feature various survivors, including Tony Merrero, who was shot four times during the attack. Merrero lost his best friend Luis Vielma and is finding it harder to recover from the emotional pain than it is from his actual injuries. Patience Carter and Tiara Parker will also be featured. They were at the nightclub on vacation from Philadelphia and hid in a bathroom where they were shot at and trapped during the attacks. Joshua McGill, who also survived by climbing over the club’s back wall and hiding behind a car, will be featured along with Rodney Sumter, a Pulse bartender who was shot multiple times. McGill created a tourniquet out of his shirt to stop the bleeding in both of Sumter’s arms which saved his life.

This episode of True Life is different in that MTV is allowing users to follow the story as it’s being filmed. Starting tomorrow, MTV will release exclusive videos on their social media accounts. The network will also release over a dozen shorts including interviews with LGBTQ community members who were at Pulse during the shooting or affected by the attack and exclusive footage that won’t be aired during the episode.

True Life: We Are Orlando will air on Monday, August 15th. You can watch an emotional preview in the clip above.