MUSIC NOTES: MTV Censors Offspring

So why has MTV played censor again?

Apparently because of the Offspring’s latest video, Entertainment Weekly reports. The music video channel required the band to slice and dice a few scenes from the video for their single “Original Prankster” before it could be aired.

Among the questionable scenes that were omitted was one where the “prankster” serves his dad a dog-poop sandwich. The edited video shows the dad spitting it out but not taking a bite from his noontime snack. Also omitted was the word “molested” from a newspaper headline during a scene where two naked schoolgirls are sitting on their principal’s lap.

Apparently pedophilia is OK with MTV, Offspring’s frontman, Dexter Holland, told EW.

BACK IN THE STUDIO: It’s back to the drawing board for the Dave Matthews Band. The group has returned to the studio to record a completely new album after nearly completing another earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The band had been working on the first album with longtime collaborator Steve Lillywhite when they decided to shelve the project and record a different album with producer Glen Ballard instead. The untitled record is expected to be in stores in February.

A STEPHEN KING MUSICAL? Call him MC King. Despite his disastrous venture into theater with a 1988 stage adaptation of “Carrie,” horror novelist Stephen King is returning with a macabre opera, this time featuring rapping ghosts, The Associated Press reports.

King‘s publicists also confirmed that John Mellencamp has already written the score for the musical. King‘s first foray into theater failed royally when “Carrie” lost $8 million and closed just after five days.

THE BLAME GAME: Was it suicide or a sex game gone bad that killed the frontman for INXS? Michael Hutchence’s mother, Patricia Glassop, is saying that her son’s depression and rocky relationship with his one-time lover Paula Yates drove the singer to kill himself in 1997, Reuters reports.

Hutchence’s half-naked body was found hanged in a Sydney, Australia, hotel room. Before his death, Hutchence told Yates that he didn’t love her and wasn’t going to marry her. Glassop says that her son grew more depressed after Yates threatened to kill herself and their daughter. Yates was found dead in her London home in September.