$#*! My Dad Says Recap: ‘Wi-Fight’

Last week, $#*! My Dad Says premiered, and it sucked. This week, with the second episode, things got even worse. Basically, Wi-Fight was another episode of bad one-liners from William Shatner and terrible performances from the supporting cast. Oh yeah, the writing was pretty awful as well.

We open with Henry and Ed discussing the getting the internet in the kitchen, and it’s not funny. Basically, Ed’s like “I’m old! I don’t like change! Boo internet!” And then Henry’s like, “But I’m young! I need internet! Yay internet!”

Then we learn that Henry calls the internet company and decides to have it installed anyway. His brother Vince tells him this is a bad idea and the only way to get something from Dad is to get hurt, citing a couple leg injuries as proof. Henry shrugs it off, which is bad news for the serviceman who comes to install the internet. We cut to a scene of Ed holding a shotgun to this poor cable guy’s balls. After Henry stops Ed and they fight more about the internet, the service guy escapes and Henry tells Ed he’s moving out unless Ed changes.

We cut to Henry on the roof because it’s the “only place he can get wireless service.” Then guess what happens! You got it. Henry falls off the roof and hurts himself. As an act of kindness, Ed caves and they get internet and everyone lives happily ever after.

Pretty gripping, eh?

Seriously, there’s nothing good about this show. While watching, there’s one question that’s burned into my mind: what is worse, the acting or the writing? Granted, that’s kind of a chicken or the egg question, but honestly, the whole creative team behind $#*! My Dad Says sucks. There’s no cohesion to the one-liners that Ed delivers. It’s impossible to feel or identify with Henry because the acting is so poor. These two factors then directly influence the plot and highlight the fact that there isn’t one. It’s just one giant mess.

Or actually, and perhaps this is the more important question, who the hell approved these scripts? Does anyone actually think this is funny? You can’t have a half an hour of disembodied jokes that don’t make sense and a lot of times are either stereotyping or homophobic.

The Twitter feed that this was based on is enough to make you chuckle. The show? It’s so bad it makes you angry.