Nanny in Sara Evans Divorce Battle Speaks Out About Anorexia

The former nanny dragged into country star and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Sara Evans’ messy divorce battle has confessed her own anorexia drama began when she tried to diet with the singer.

Alison Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Evans’ husband Craig Schelske in divorce papers, but she insists her former friend and employer is gravely mistaken.

Clinton has even instructed her attorneys to go after Evans to force the singer to remove her name from divorce documents.

The former nanny reveals she was forced to quit working for Evans when her anorexia battle became too much, and not, as the singer alleges, because she was romancing her husband.

She says, “She was trying to lose baby weight (after the birth of her second child)… and I had gained some weight on the road, which is common and I was just trying to lose a few pounds. I just never let go.”

Clinton, who is still fighting her eating disorder and weighs just 80 pounds, admits Evans insisted she get help after she became skinny and gaunt, and the singer discovered she was living on soup and crackers.

The former nanny adds, “I just got more sick and finally it came to a point where Sara said, ‘I’m gonna personally pay for this treatment. Go in.'”

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