‘Nashville’ Recap: It’s (Even More) Complicated

ALTRemember last week, when Tami Taylor Rayna and Deacon were lying naked in bed together, holding each other, whispering about their futures and the love that seemed so close and unreachable at the same time? And then remember when the Nashville writers wanted us all to mourn and cry and stab ourselves in the finger when we found out it was all just a dream? A goddamn DREAM! Well, that was the most important part of the episode, really, because we got to see what they were and might possibly be soon. (Please?) And so that’s all I’ll get into here. If you need more of a refresher, here’s the full recap. Moving on to better and brighter cliches.

“Back in the Studio and Hard at Work”

That may be what Juliette’s PR manager thinks. But her chemistry with Deacon lingers in the air as they both perform on separate platforms, eyeing each other at every lyric that reminds them of their one week time spent together. Juliette has been playing her “Cool Girl” card pretty nicely, pulling him in with her seductive shoplifting ways and then right when she’s got him under the covers, she busts out the sympathy druggie mom card. It’s working pretty, PRETTY well for her. And now, they’re even closer. Why? Because let’s not forget our dear Deacon had an addiction problem of his own. It was the reason he and RJ called it quits, or “called it quits.” He can relate. And that just about makes him everything Juliette needs right now. 

Rating: 8, because sound-proof walls and family drama bonding always brings people together.

Tami Taylor’s Cleavage

Yup. It’s out. It. Is. Out. Who in the hell knows where this woman’s wardrobe consultant is, but we should really talk about her clothes. Last week, she wore a very sheer and bizarre My Fair Lady-esque white gown during her country club performance and she looked like a damn fairy fool with glitter in her hair. And now it would appear she’s trying to step up her sex appeal game, only she’s got two kids and a chest that does not scream 25. She is sexy as is. We can all agree. Coach Taylor can agree. Just throw on some boots and a smile and you’re golden.

Rating: 9, because when threatened by a younger woman, there really are no limits as to how far (or plunging) you’ll go.


Of course someone is in fear of getting locked up in the pockey! Teddy’s mistress woman, or whoever she is, has jumped from cute to mysterious to insane in such a short period of time. We met her at the country club where she was all sweet and looking like she maybe had a tiny crush on her old pal Teddy, to being in his car whispering about a secret that’s so scandalous no one NO ONE can ever find out to NOW hysterically shrieking that there is no way in God’s name can she ever go to prison. Nope. Not going. And, well, it’s about money. When isn’t it? Teddy and his mistress have apparently been scheming. Scheming hard and embezzling major dough. He reassures her they are going to be fine, but his bizarre blown out hair is saying otherwise.

Rating 4.5, because it’s taken four whole episodes before the word “prison” has broken into the plotline.

Keeping Things “Not Complicated”

Basically, Gunnar is trying really hard to hide his feelings for Scarlett, but obviously his sex toy fun thing for now can see right through it. He’s trying to keep things casual with this new girl, but we all know (even she knows) that she’s just a filler for a couple episodes until things get steamy in the true love triangle between GunGun, Scar, and her flakey boyfriend Avery. Also, saying the words “not complicated” can only mean one thing. It’s complicated. Just ask Alec Baldwin.

Rating: 8.5, because when are things not complicated for country songwriters?

Girl in the Kitchen With a Casserole

Scarlett is making a nice home-cooked/slow-cooked meal for her undeserving boyfriend, Avery, while wearing a white cotton dress with a white apron. It’s nauseating. She’s on the phone talking in her sweet, hopeless voice that makes me want to vomit when Avery walks in the door being sleazy with his long hair and chocker necklace. Of course he wants something. He passively asks Scar about the extra guitar player she needs during her audition thing. “You know I play the guitar?” he says with a crystal clear agenda. Scarlett is beyond thrilled to have him there BECAUSE SHE’S AN IDIOT and then they have sex or something.

Rating: 7.5, because of course he didn’t say anything about the dinner. And of course he is going to start using her for publicity. Ugh.

Late-Night Rendevoux

Why must Ray and Dea always meet in the dark or on abandoned bridges? Why must it be this way? Is it because it’s sexier if he decides to actually man-up, grab her hair and give her what she’s been asking for this whole time? Who knows. In any case, it’s creepy and I don’t like it because what if Juliette is hiding in a bush ready for the kill and no one can see her?

Rating: 4.5, because really, they do have homes with lights and that just seems to make more sense.

Intervention Time!

Juliette thinks it’s a great idea to bring Deacon into her home and convince her mom to go to rehab. He’s only a perfect stranger and momma Barnes is only sleeping with any and all garbage men that walk down the street. It’s a perfect plan! And well, whatdya know, Juliette is right! Deacon somehow convinces her mom to go to rehab. It’s just so easy. It’s the easiest thing in the world! They have a brief chat about how it’s hard and how he knows, he really does know and then off they are in the truck going to the rehab center. Easy as getting into Juliette’s pants off during a first date.

Rating: 9/5, because why wouldn’t it be that simple?

Relapse Time!

Big shot Deacon is about to slip down the rabbit hole. He smelled that rehab sweat and now he wants it. He’s thinking about the past and how bad he used to be. He’s thinking about how Rayna saved his life and how it brought them closer than ever even if they can’t show it now. There were seven pills in momma Barnes’ bottle. Seven. Deacon counted. A lot. And the next day, they were all still in there. But something tells me it’s not for long.

Rating: 10, because what’s a show about country stars without drugs and rehab and more rehab and more liquor?

Bar Fights

Deacon is lost. He doesn’t know what his life means or where it’s going. He could go home and watch a movie and snuggle with his guitar, but instead he goes to the Bluebird, because why not? There’s always room for him there! He sings a nice song about letting go the one you love and it’s hard to say if the double meaning here is about Rayna or tequila. Either way, he’s probably drunk. We don’t know for sure, but when some guy makes a totally funny and not really at all offensive joke about wanting Rayna to be up there singing with him he flips the f**k out. After his performance, he goes outside and when he sees the dude he wails him. Hard. But of course Dea is just a wee little thing and gets his ass handed to him. Oy. 

Rating: 8, because it only makes sense there’d be a bar fight soon, but Deacon is old enough to know he needs backup.

Oh, Jealousy!

Avery somehow finds a way to make Scarlett think he’s doing her a favor by filling in for the guitar player during her and Gunnar’s audition, but we know better. He’s been carrying around this ugly sulking face for weeks now just because he’s not the one in the spotlight. For once. While Scarlett and Gunnar are trying to impress with their pretty love song, Avery goes completely buck wild and stars strumming the guitar like he’s just taken the stage at Woodstock. He doesn’t care. He’s just trying to look cool and smart and talented and brooding. But GunGun and Scar are pissed. He’s ruining their chance! Next thing you know, GunGun is yelling at Avery about how he needs to get over the situation and Scarlett overhears. She’s always just lurking in the right places, that girl. In the end, they end up not getting the track because of Avery and even though Scarlett called him out on being an attention hogger, she is STILL all like, I choose you every time. Will she ever learn? Rating: 7/5, because Avery would try and sneak his way in there and Scar would stand by his side.

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Nashville Recap: Nudity, Jealousy, and Shoplifting

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