Natalie Morales of ‘Parks and Recreation’ Will Join Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’

Natalie MoralesYesterday, word spread about the official title of Aaron Sorkin’s developing newsroom drama for HBO, which is now going by The Newsroom (it was tentatively titled More on This as it Develops for some time). Since then, the series has accumulated two new guest stars. Last night, The Closer‘s Jon Tenney landed a role. Today, we hear that Natalie Morales has done the same.

As a Parks and Recreation fan, this news is the tops to me. Although Morales is likely better known for her White Collar and The Middleman roles, she has flourished in every appearance on the great NBC sitcom, playing Tom Haverford’s (Aziz Ansari) jaw-droppingly cool girlfriend Lucy. Morales will be reviving her girlfriendly rituals for The Newsroom; her character will be dating Will McAllister’s (Jeff Daniels) staffmember Neal, played by Dev Patel.

Tenney is also amping up for a romantic attachment to a member of the titular newsroom. His character Wade will be seen to be involved with Emily Mortimer’s Mackenzie McHale, the executive producer of the news show.

All this, combined with the existing cast including Daniels, Mortimer, Patel, Alison Pill, and Olivia Munn makes for some pretty good…recent information.

Source: TVLine, Theatermania