Nathan Fillion and Firefly Guest Stars in ‘American Housewife’ Clips

Way back in 2002 there was a show called ‘Firefly’ that fans are still obsessed with.

It only ran for one season (and a movie Serenity) but fans have begged creator Joss Whedon (as well as anyone involved with the show) for more and will take more wherever they can. I have to admit, I did not watch the show when it was on the air, but recently I bought the Series to see what the fuss was about and binge watched it in a weekend, and then promptly had to borrow the movie from my friend, so now I’m a part of the craze I suppose. Well, fans will have star Captain Malcolm (Nathan Fillion) back into their lives, kind of.


In tonight’s episode of ABC’s ‘American Housewife’, Katie (Katy Mixon) not only promises that she can get film star Nathan Fillion to the school, but that she’s a close personal friend of hers, and she knew him for a long time. Check out that clip here:

Katie doesn’t know Nathan, but now she has to deliver on this promise (and lie). Katie, Taylor (Meg Donnelly), and Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) travel to New York to a Firefly convention and to try to get Nathan to go to their school. The only problem is finding him amongst all the fans there. Taylor and Katie go to a room to fight, but happen to walk on to Serenity with Nathan sitting in the captain’s chair in this clip:

So what does all this mean for Firefly fans? Unfortunately not much. It could be ABC trying to gauge if the fans are still out there (they are), but more likely it’s just a cameo on a show. We can hope though.


Check out more of Nathan on the season finale of ‘American Housewife’ appropriately titled “Finding Fillion”, airing tonight, May 9, 2018, at 9:30 PM on ABC.