Nathan Fillion Played Hooky on ‘Castle’

Nathan Fillion decided to take a sick day on Friday. Well, he wasn’t actually sick…and he didn’t tell anyone he wasn’t coming in. So, he actually just flat-out skipped work… and in effect shut down production of Castle for the day

Fillion, who portrays the crime novelist Richard Castle on the hit ABC show, is currently disputing his contract with ABC Studios. According to Deadline, the 42-year-old star of the show craves a shorter, four-day workweek on Castle. The actor sure made it clear that he’s not okay with working a full week’s worth when he failed to pop into work on Friday, July 21.

But Castle lovers, fear not! Production is back on track once more. Although he bailed on Friday, ABC reps say that the crime drama series has resumed to shoot this week, and Filion decided to show up this time. Phew! 

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