NBC Brings In Paul Reiser as Replacement for ‘Perfect Couples’

Remember Mad About You? Wasn’t that a great show (yeah, it was adorable). I ask questions and answer myself; it’s what I do, okay? Anyway, NBC is looking to bring back a bit of that Paul Reiser magic now that they’re ready to pull the plug on Perfect Couples — you know that show about these crazy people who are somehow married and all friends with each other? At least I think that’s what it’s about. Anyway, its time is up and starting April 14, those folks who stick around after Community (and if you aren’t watching Community, TURN OFF THE BIG BANG THEORY IT’S NOT EVEN THAT FUNNY) and have that pesky half hour in between it and the next episode of The Office now have something new and potentially delightful to keep them from reading a book or talking to their spouses or cats or friends or kids or whatever for that half hour. The Paul Reiser Show is basically a show about Reiser’s life, but it’s not a reality show; we promise. If you’re really curious, here’s a little helpful video where Paul explains it all. It’s very informative and he really hasn’t changed…at all. Funny how that happens.

Source: Twitter, NBC