NBC Extends Michael Scott’s Final Episode

Michael ScottSaying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. Well, besides leading a country into war or informing a mother you were unable to save their child. But saying farewell to a fictional character on television is still pretty dang hard!

Luckily, NBC has given us a few more minutes of The Office with Michael Scott before we have to say goodbye forever. The April 28 episode will run from 9 to 9:50 p.m. and it shall be awesome. It’ll be interesting to see how The Office handles such a bittersweet moment considering most of their “event” episodes have largely been happy events. We’ve got Jim and Pam’s wedding, their proposal, and even when Jim confessed to Pam at the end of season two it ended on a high note. I think they’ll handle it just fine considering they have set up Michael’s departure to be about as happy as they can make it, but I have no doubts that it will bring the tears. And with 20 extra minutes? Oh lawd.

More great news: Parks and Recreation will get to use the remaining ten minutes and air their own little embiggened episode! So we get extra helpings of The Office and Parks and Rec? How can it get any better? Outsourced gets shoved out of the way in the process? HELL YEAH!

Source: Deadline