NBC Is Planning an Insane Game Show Where People Live in a Box in New York City

Credit: Copyright Cristian Baitg

If you thought sitting across from Regis Philbin and his coordinated shirt and tie sets on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was stressful, then wait until you get ahold of NBC’s latest game show, The Million Second Quiz. Contestants on the show will not only have to answer questions 24 hours a day, they’ll have to live in a giant glass hourglass cage structure in “the heart of Manhattan” (Times Square or NBC’s Rockefeller Center, if I had to guess) while they wait for their million seconds (which is about 277 hours, or 12 days) to run down. 

It’s unclear whether all the contestants will live together in the box (now that is a show!) or if they each live there for their close-to-two weeks all alone with nothing but their own reflection and a crowd of school kids from Florida who are on their way to Radio City Music Hall on a field trip to keep them company. We don’t know what the questions will be or how these people will prove themselves. We do know that the show will air this fall, it will have a prize of “up to” $10 million (which is different from a $10 million prize), and will be super awesome. You know I’ll be down there harrassing the contestants all the time. That’s what they get for canceling Glass House!

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