NBC Grabs Jack Black Comedy     

ALT TEXTJack Black is coming back to NBC — but this time, not as a dude in love with someone’s grandma.

The comedian is producing a new comedy called My Life as an Experiment, a half-hour project based on the best-selling nonfiction book Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life As An Experiment by A.J. Jacobs.

In the book, Jacobs — in a very Hunter S. Thompson way — immerses himself in unusual assignments and chronicles how they affect his home life, including his wife and kids. And it’s pretty hilarious. In one experiment, he convinces his kid’s nanny to allow him to imitate her for an online dating profile. He corresponds with different men, dealing with their rejection and in turn, humiliation. In another experiment, he outsources everything in his life to a company in India. Seriously. Everything from his research to his car rental reservations.

If the story is handled correctly, it sounds like the show could be really funny — almost in a Seinfeld-esque way. Some of the best comedies on television (Modern Family or The Office come to mind) are the ones that point out the obvious things in our day-to-day lives. With My Life As An Experiment, we could see a character that actually pursues those many “what if” moments we have everyday. Plus, I’m sure Jack Black would make a couple cameos, doing something crazy and possibly naked, which is always hilarious.

Source: Deadline