NBC Orders Full Seasons of ‘Chuck,’ ‘Chase,’ and Others

ALT TEXTSo, how dumb is NBC?

Kinda dumb. The network just ordered full seasons of Chase and Chuck, and on top of that, ordered four scripts for Undercovers. This announcement follows yesterday’s news that The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles, and Outsourced all received full season orders.

This is all great news for people who don’t have TVs. But for the rest of the world, we’re left wondering one thing: what the hell is NBC doing? With the exception of Chuck, these shows have not done so well with the ratings to justify their back nine. None of them are even particularly good (The Event could turn into something cool, but I’m not holding my breath). And seriously, has anyone watched Outsourced? It’s painful. The only reason it’s performing is because it’s lucky enough to follow The Office, so anyone who happens to forget to turn off their TV ends up boosting it’s numbers.

Plus, with Outsourced landing more episodes, no one is quite sure what this mean for Parks and Recreation, which was set to return mid-season.

I just don’t understand NBC. Seriously. It’s not like the network is incapable of making good television, it just seems that they don’t put enough effort into their genuinely good programs. It’s like some executive up there at the Top of the Rock says, “Hey, here’s a great comedy called Community, why don’t we put it against the number one rated show on TV, The Big Bang Theory? Or, let’s follow The Office with this racist show of ours, Outsourced, so everyone will think we’re a bunch of bigots!” The mind boggles, but I’ll tell you this: heads will roll if I lose Community!

Source: Deadline