NBC Orders New Comic Book Based Show ‘Rest’ & More ‘Community’

ALT TEXTOkay, so this season hasn’t been the best — ratings-wise — for one of our favorite comedies, NBC’s Community. And that’s not too surprising, considering it’s brilliantly placed against one of television’s highest rated shows, The Big Bang Theory on CBS on Thursday nights. (Oh and by the way, if you didn’t notice, this is sarcasm. NBC, if you read this, please, for the love of god, MOVE COMMUNITY TO A NEW TIME SLOT).

Anyway, we’ve all dreaded that Joel McHale and the gang would get canceled, but this morning, HitFix is reporting some excellent news: the peacock has ordered two additional episodes of Community for this season. Hooray!

Granted, this isn’t another full season commitment, but regardless, a call for more episodes is definitely a good sign. Hopefully this is just telling of things to come. And in other Community awesomeness, check out this early scene from tonight’s episode:

In other NBC news, the network also ordered a new drama based on the comic book Rest, and it will feature former Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, who will also executive produce. For those who don’t know, Rest is about a normal dude named John Barret who lives in New York City, but works every moment he’s awake. To get even more work done, he enrolls in a testing program for a drug that eliminates the need for sleep, but becomes addicted to it. And like most drugs tend to be, it starts out awesome, but ends crappy.

Although this is a fairly interesting concept, I’m not quite sold on Rest as a successful network TV show. With a premise that deals with addiction, it sounds like Barret has some inner demons that he needs to work through, which is a pretty dark concept for primetime TV. Maybe if it was headed to a premium channel like HBO or one of a cable channel like FX or AMC, I’d have more confidence. Right now, I’m afraid we’ll just have another watered down, lame drama to sit through on a weeknight.

Source: HitFix and Deadline