NBC Puts Amber Heard & Naturi Naughton In ‘Playboy’

Naturi NaughtonYES! The first step in creating a show about Chicago’s Playboy Club in 1963? Cast beautiful women. You can go ahead and check that one off for NBC as they are in negotiations with Amber Heard and Naturi Naughton to star in the series. Let’s put aside our opinions of their respective acting abilities (see Heard in Pineapple Express or Zombieland; Naughton in Fame or Notorious) and remember this is a show about Playboy. In the 60s. Sure, it’ll deal with Heard’s dark past as she climbs the ranks from humble beginnings. And sure, it’ll deal with race issues as Naughton seeks to become the first African-American centerfold. But let us remember the bigger issue here – boobs. Lots and lots of boobs. Ok, it’ll be on NBC so we won’t see… anything… at all, but still, some boob is better than no boob at all, right? Lets just revel in the glory of these two women’s incredible beauty, shall we?

Source: Deadline