NBC Still Wants Ricky Gervais to Host the Golden Globes

Ricky GervaisThere are a lot of things that are exhaustingly confusing. Medicine bottles. The lyrics to “Pressure.” Flagels. But Ricky Gervais being asked to host the Golden Globes again? That sweeps. Reportedly, NBC wants the comedian to give the annual awards ceremony another go. Despite the Hollywood Foreign Press’ assertion that Gervais will not host the Globes again, NBC is convinced that they can change the HFPA’s minds. Right.

Now, let’s just clear the air. Gervais is a talented comedian, and an even better writer, and a lot of fans thought he was an entertaining host. But the man got an excess of bad publicity for continuously going “too far” with his mockery of celebrities, both present and absent.

Gervais, although appreciative of NBC’s loyalty to him, decided that he will likely not host again. The comedian expressed his temptation, but is more or less against the idea of returning to the hosting position. Obviously, the reaction to his material last time around is what keeps Gervais saying, “I shouldn’t do it.”

But it’s not as though Ricky Gervais isn’t busy. He is currently working on a couple of television series. The Ricky Gervais Show will enter its third season on HBO. The series takes the form of cartoon segments, animated over the podcasts Gervais performs with frequent collaborators Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Furthermore, Gervais is creating a series in which he’ll play a god who develops a kinship with a deceased atheist. While NBC’s offer is generous — and a bit delusional — the man’s just a little too busy.

Source: Hollywood Reporter