Neil Patrick Harris Tells Who the Mother Is: Late Last Night

It was bound to happen eventually. Seven years, and he just couldn’t take it anymore. Neil Patrick Harris appeared on The Late Show last night, and took the opportunity to answer the question How I Met Your Mother fans have been asking since 2005: “Who is the mother?”

It’s probably not as easy being a Kardashian as one might think, especially when pleasant trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond are disrupted by store employees giving you graphic sexual advice. But such is life for Khloe Kardashian, whose personal life apparently means more to strangers nationwide than it does to her.

What celebrity comes to mind when you think of physical fitness? Ed Helms, of course. That’s why the Hangover and The Office star has taken it upon himself to start selling workout plans—conducted by the one and only “Brian”—via a new commercial that he clearly didn’t waste a lot of money funding. But production values are nothing when you’re getting a quality product like this!


Airline security is pretty tough nowadays…except, of course, if you’re famous. But what if you’re only kinda famous? Like Taylor Kitsch, who you know you’d sort of recognize if you saw him on the street, but definitely not right away. Maybe after he showed you a trailer from his newest movie. At least, that’s how he convinced an airport security officer to let him stay in the country. There might have also been a bribe involving some Apple products…