Netflix Must-Series: ‘Scandal’


Scandal is one of the most talked about series on television. If you aren’t watching it, you probably still say things like “Oh no she didn’t!” and use MySpace. Whether it’s the sex, the fashion, or the WTF moments, this political drama is the toast of the water cooler and the Twittersphere. With Breaking Bad done, now is the perfect time to get addicted to this hit series.

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is the premier fixer in Washington, D.C. Whether it’s a kidnapping, sex scandal, or PR nightmare, her team of “gladiators” use their unique skill-set to manage crises. Harrison (Columbus Short) is the resident lawyer, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) the investigator, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) the hacker and “cleaner,” and new staff member Quinn (Katie Lowes) has a secret. I should probably also mention that Olivia is having an on-again/off-again tryst with the President (Tony Goldwyn) much to the dismay of the First Lady (Bellamy Young) and Chief of Staff (Jeff Perry).

Shonda Rhimes has finally created a series with the same fervid fan base as Grey’s Anatomy. Washington and Young play characters with the best lines on television today. The sex scenes between Goldwyn and Washington are also not to be trifled with. There’s a scene where he literally turned her around and…well, you’ll find out. This role turned Goldwyn from “that dude from Ghost into an A-list celebrity. 

Scandal creates a fictional Washington, D.C. with some of the same headlines as today but the intrigue has taken steroids…then more steroids. Nothing is off limits: secret government agencies, murders and conspiracies will shock you into watching episode after episode. Anything can happen on the show. No one’s virtue is safe.

Olivia Pope is a character that is changing television. She’s an African-American woman and a major player in Washington. It’s also notable that this series marks one of the  few times in television history that an African American woman has been the lead on a primetime drama. Washington also created buzz when she was nominated for an Emmy for the series. Pope’s cutting-edge clothing and penchant for the color white has made an impact in the fashion world. Some people tweet strictly about her outfits.

This series is the perfect binge watch. It will keep you at the edge of your seat. Netflix has the 13-episode first season and the full-length second season. There’s just enough time to catch up and start watching the series so you can be one of the cool kids.