Networks Release 2012-2013 Schedules: How It Will Affect Your TV Regime

Community Annie and AbedTelevision is one of the few addictive substances that actually produces a very consistent personal schedule. On Tuesdays, Glee fans instinctively know to skip out of work a little early to get home before 8:00. Same goes for Community lovers on Thursdays. But the biological TV clocks in question look to be in store for a rewiring. Glee and Community, both renewed for fourth seasons for the upcoming fall season, will be experiencing schedule shifts.

Glee, which presently airs at 8 PM ET/PT on Tuesday nights on Fox, will be relocating to a 9 PM ET/PT slot on Thursday. This will pit the popular musical drama against the likes of NBC’s The Office and Parks and Recreation, which have been renewed and reassigned to their respective 9 PM and 9:30 PM spots. Currently, other 9 PM network dramas include ABC’S Grey’s Anatomy and CBS’ Person of Interest, both of which have been renewed. Taking Glee‘s Tuesday spot are comedies Raising Hope and Fox newcomer Ben and Kate.

A more volatile change comes attached to Community‘s abridged fourth season. Presently occupying the very competitive 8 PM ET/PT spot on Thursday nights on NBC (opposite ratings victor The Big Bang Theory) is Community which is moving to the dreaded Friday night schedule at 8:30 PM ET/PT, immediately following Whitney. (Oof.) 

This isn’t going to do any favors for Community‘s already meager viewership; the move will only further the most dedicated Greendale junkies’ quest for social isolation. But hey, being as awesome as Abed comes with a price.

[Image Credit: NBC]