New ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Trailer Shoots Us a Whole Lot of Metaphors

Nucky ThompsonNucky Thompson is going to have some serious post-traumatic stress come the beginning of Boardwalk Empire‘s third season, which kicks back up in September. As everyone remembers, Season 2 concluded with the pretty huge shocker of Steve Buscemi’s “grey area” hero gunning down his protegee and surrogate son, Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), after he had come to realize that he had no other choice in the matter. In gangster logic, that is.

Immediately after this scene, Boardwalk switched its focus to Nucky’s future: making illicit business deals to further his reign as the head of Atlantic City’s crime world. He seemed to be handling the whole ordeal just fine. But the below trailer would indicate otherwise. When Nucky kills Jimmy, he literally drops everything. His gun, possibly symbolizing power. His wedding ring, almost certainly symbolizing his marriage to Margaret (Kelly Macdonald). And his rose boutonnière, symbolizing… I don’t know, life, or innocence, or maybe his stake in the New Jersey flower market. That’s a profitable industry, you know.

Check out the new, highly dramatic trailer, and catch Boardwalk Empire when it returns to HBO: Sunday, Sept. 16 at 9 PM.

[Photo Credit: HBO]


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