New ‘Dallas’ Trailer Full Of ‘Desperate Housewives’ Castaways

Apparently TNT is bringing back the classic Dallas. Joy? For some, I’m sure. But its just another TV show I won’t care about in the slightest for me.

Anyway, there’s bound to be some audience for the show and they’re dying to know what the Ewings are up to. It’s a continuation of the original show with three of the stars reprising their roles: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray will once again be J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen. The newcomers are the usual good looking rich people with big problems, but interestingly a handful of them are Desperate Housewives rejects. Jesse Metcalfe of DH will play Bobby’s son, while DH’s Josh Henderson will play J.R.’s son. Methinks there will be a rivarly there. And what do you know, Jordana Brewster will play a ranch cook’s daughter that becomes the third point in that triangle. Another DH knockoff, Brenda Strong, will play Bobby’s new wife while Julie Gonzalo rounds out the new additions as Metcalfe’s character’s fiancee.

The biggest mystery is how they’re showing so much footage. It’s coming out NEXT summer and they already have this much? What does this show think it is? The Dark Knight Rises?

Source: TVLine