New ‘Girls’ Trailer: Judd Apatow’s ‘Bridesmaids’ Revolution Comes to HBO

7723731.jpgApril marks the return of Judd Apatow to the world of television with the debut of the comedy kingpin’s new half-hour series, Girls, on HBO. Conceived by and starring Tiny Furniture writer-director Lena Dunham (that lovely gal pictured right), Girls chronicles the misadventures of a brainy, self-effacing, cash-poor 24-year-old woman (Dunham) looking for love, and perhaps a living wage, in New York City. Seeing that the show is called Girls and not Girl, one can safely presume we’ll meet other females in her peer group facing similar circumstances.

The latest trailer for the show, released today on, indicates that Girls will continue the female-driven comedy revolution kick-started last summer by the Apatow-produced blockbuster Bridesmaids, what with its clever blending of cynicism, sentiment, mordant wit and (implied, at least) middlebrow raunch into one highly relatable package. Upon closer inspection, it calls to mind the work of Whit Stillman, both for the abundance of cerebral bon mots and for the conspicuous cameo by noted Stillman alum Chris Eigeman.

Check it out below:

Source: EW

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