New ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Photo Keeps The Weirdness Going

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is spitting distance from the most terrifically bizarre show on television. It hasn’t exactly played ‘normalcy’ up in the past, but all of the promotional material for Season 7 indicates that the creators may be going off the deep end — in a very, very good way. First, Rob McElhenney gained fifty pounds over the course of six months because he thought playing Mac fat “would be funny” (it will). Then, the series released a slew of very cinematic, out-of-character commercials documenting the potential themes for each of the main characters during the upcoming season, such as this one. And now, we’ve got this incredibly creepy, painfully disingenuous, delightful suggestion of psychosis in the form of a new image of the entire cast. Sunny, please keep on doing these strange, strange things.


Source: Vulture