New ‘Liz & Dick’ Trailer Offers Little New Footage, Is Still Hilarious — VIDEO


The second episode of Revenge. The weekend. The leftover piece of cheese I couldn’t finish last night. There are many things that I’m more excited about than Lifetime’s Liz & Dick biopic, but, still, I can’t tear myself away from its hilariously sensational promos. Not that I’m not used to Lifetime’s patented flair for drama (how can we forget Rob Lowe’s “I’m untouchable, bitch!”), but there’s something about Lindsay Lohan’s determination playing Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor that’s just damn appealing… and so ripe for comedy. (And that’s coming from one of the starlet’s longtime supporters.) The posture, which was no doubt a result of a long, hard study of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof photo stills. The slapping(!). The all-to-telling and frightening shot of Lohan as an older Taylor. And, please, please tell me this is somehow chronicled.

Below, watch the short clip, which offers little new content from the first promo, save the aforementioned slap and Richard Burton‘s (Grant Bowler) incredulous exclamation, “Why the hell did I marry you?” But be warned: The whole display is very high school drama club. But maybe I’m just being a mean girl.

[Image Credit: Lifetime]


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