New Lonely Island Album From Andy Samberg And Gang!

The Lonely IslandYou may be asking yourself “, why are you reporting on an announcement of a rap album, let alone a fake rap album?” Well I’ll tell you why, fictional person who talks to computers: banana hemorrhoids. Yes, that answer doesn’t make any sense, but neither does talking to a computer and asking it stupid questions.

No, we’re reporting on it because this album will be the basis of most of the SNL Digital Shorts next year and those are always awesome. For those unaware, Andy Samberg and his friends Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer started the Lonely Island prior to joining SNL (Taccone and Schaffer as writers), where they created short digital videos that were precursors to the “SNL Digital Short” of today. Both Schaffer and Taccone have branched out into directing as well. Schaffer handled the Lonely Island’s first feature Hot Rod while Taccone directed the masterpiece MacGruber. So yes, we’re excited.

And we’re also reporting on it because their last album, Incredibad, is actually a good album and worth listening to as it’s actual music and not a collection of jokes. These guys actually know how to rap and have good taste. Along with their great sense of fun and star studded guest MCs and singers, their next album should be straight up ballin’. Which I’m pretty sure is a term popularly used for expressing one’s appreciation in someone else’s work of art.

Check out the video announcement and tell me you’re not ready for this to drop:

Source: The Lonely Island Twitter