New Season 3 Preview Teases Pierce’s Fate on ‘Community’

Community‘s spring semester ended with one big question: will Pierce (Chevy Chase) return to the study group? We’re still in the dark on that, and will be until the third season gets underway. However, we have gotten glimpses of several other aspects of the upcoming year of Community. This sneak peek depicts a newly moustachioed Dean Pelton (Jim Rash — who is now a series regular) embracing an iron fist and cracking down on the “National Lampoonery” with which Greendale Community College has been wrought. However, it seems as though he’ll have a force to deal with in the form of Vice Dean Laybourne (guest star John Goodman), who looks to be interested in expanding his power beyond the Air Conditioner Repair annex of Greendale. Interviews with Goodman and star Joel McHale build an almost uncontrollable anticipation for Season 3. New Community starts September 22 at 8 p.m. on NBC and I’m sure it’s going to dazzle us.

In addition to the below preview, check out the gives-new-meaning-to-the-word-awesome promo. There’s singing.

Source: NBC