New ‘Smash’ Trailer Will Get You Very Excited, Tell You Nothing

ALTHave you ever hosted a birthday party or a wedding or some other event where all your friends come and say hi and you deal with a few crises and then all your friends say goodbye and the night is over and you don’t even remember anything that happened but there is just a blur of faces, most of which you know, but some of which you don’t, and some you think you know, but you can’t place from where and you have no clue how many glasses of wine you had? Well, that is what watching the new Season 2 trailer for Smash is like.

There are just a lot of face. There is everyone we know. There is Ivy and Karen, Tom and Julia, Derek and Eileen. But what are they doing? Who knows. Something about a mental breakdown and song stealing and going to Broadway. Everyone is shouting. Oh, there’s a bunch of new guys who look cute who I can’t wait to see with their shirts off. Oh, look, it’s that guy from Law & Order and Ally McBeal. Oh look, it’s that gay from Will & Grace. And then, like an exclamation point that you make again and again and again and it will never go away, there is Jennifer Hudson singing that she has love, love, love, love, LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEE. (Wait, this isn’t some Weight Watchers commercial in disguise, is it?)

What is going on? I have no clue. But it sure looks fun, don’t it. Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan

[Photo Credit: JosiahW/Splash News]


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