New York Cabbies Want Alec Baldwin To Be Mayor: Late Last Night

Alec Baldwin showed up on Conan to discuss his potential mayoral campaign…and what all the cab drivers in New York have to say about it. He also touched upon living among young drunk people, and describing Tracy Morgan’s morning ritual of paying tribute to Michael Jackson.

Steve Martin appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to tell a story about refusing to sign an autograph for an eleven year-old Judd Apatow.

Robert Downey, Jr., stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about when he severely injured an extra on the Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows set in order to make a point, to pay thanks to Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx and Garry Shandling for their Funny or Die tribute to him, and to discuss his very eccentric father who refuses to make right turns.

Finally, Jonah Hill visited The Late Show to talk about how his mother thinks that since he’s an actor, he must know everyone in Hollywood…including Woody Allen, whom she took it upon herself to find and have a conversation with.