News, April 15: Daytime TV’s First Lesbian Kiss, Rodney Dangerfield Improving After Brain Surgery, Marilyn’s Baubles Stolen, More…

Top Story: Daytime Television Shows First Lesbian Liplock

Welcome to the 21st century, soap operas! When ABC’s All My Children airs a special episode April 22, viewers will get to see the very first kiss ever shared by two gay women characters on daytime television, Reuters reports. The story line–and the inevitable smooch–revolves around gay teen character Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel), who came out as a lesbian in 2000, and her new friend Lena (Olga Sosnovska). “The theme of All My Children from the beginning is the belief that, as God’s children, we are all bound to each other by our common humanity despite our many personal differences; that it is our failure to understand and respect those differences that causes most of life’s pain and suffering,” said the show’s creator, Agnes Nixon, in a statement. All My Children has been known for tackling controversial issues during its 33 years on the air including AIDS, abortion, drug abuse, racial bias and teenage alcoholism.

Monroe Baubles Stolen From Gallery

A ring and bangle that belonged to Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe were stolen from a British art gallery in London Tuesday, Reuters reports. The jewelry is estimated to be worth $63,000. A man was arrested nearby shortly afterwards and is being questioned.

Dangerfield Doing Better After Brain Surgery

Doctors took Rodney Dangerfield off his respirator Monday, indicating the comedian is doing much better after undergoing surgery to improve blood flow to his brain. Dangerfield‘s publicist Kevin Saski told Reuters, “His spirits are great. He is lucid and communicative…and grinning from ear to ear.” Dangerfield also asked doctors to dial up The Jerry Springer Show— his favorite TV fare–as soon as he was off the respirator, Sasaki said.

Death Row Mogul Denies Knowing Rapper

Responding to a wrongful death lawsuit recently filed against him, hip hop mogul Marion “Suge” Knight said neither he, nor anyone from his company, has ever met the aspiring rapper Antron Singleton, aka Big Lurch, who is accused of torturing and then killing his roommate in April 2002, Reuters reports. The suit, filed by the victim’s mother Carolyn Stinson, claims Knight‘s Death Row Records (now known as Tha Row), two individual employees and a second company, Stress Free, provided Singleton with drugs and encouraged him to act in an “extreme violent manner” to seem more like a gangsta rap artist. According to Reuters, Stinson’s lawyer, Winston McKesson, admitted that the lawsuit might have been based on a mistaken assumption that Singleton had ties to Knight‘s label. “If there is no connection, we will drop them [from the lawsuit] immediately,” Winston said.

Actor Union Merger Put to a Vote

The two largest actors unions–the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists–have agreed to send out ballots to their rank-and-file members so they may vote on approving a merger between the two unions, The Associated Press reports. Ballots will be mailed to members in early June.

AFI’s Top 100 Heroes and Villains

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for playing the bad cyborg in The Terminator as well as the good one in Terminator 2, will host an American Film Institute TV special counting down the top 100 screen heroes and villains of all time. The show will air June 3 on CBS.

Jolie’s Altruistic Endeavors Continue

Angelina Jolie just keeps on giving. The Oscar-winning actress has agreed to donate more than $1.3 million over five years to protect the untouched wilds of northwestern Cambodia, AP reports. The forest is believed to be home to some of the last remaining wild tigers and elephants in Cambodia.

Role Call: Director Pollack Gets Interpreter

Oscar-winning director Sydney Pollack, who last directed the 1999 film Random Hearts, has set his sights on his new project, The Interpreter. Variety reports the thriller is about a U.N. interpreter, who claims to have overheard a plot to kill an African dictator, and the secret service agent assigned to investigate her claim.