News, Jan. 8: Verne Troyer Misbehaves on TV, “Growing Pains” Star Pleads Guilty, Tyler Treats Maternity Staff, More…

Troyer misbehaves on reality show

Diminutive actor Verne Troyer horrified his new housemates during their first day on reality TV show The Surreal Life, when he rides around on a scooter in the nude before urinating on the floor. The pint-size star, who plays mini me in the Austin Powers movies, is sharing a California home for two weeks with model Adrianne Curry, former Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight, wrestler Chyna, Go-Gos guitarist Jane Weidlin and model Marcus Schenkenberg. In the first episode of the fourth season premiere, which will be unveiled on music channel VH1 on Sunday, Troyer is seen getting drunk and showing off his birthday suit, before relieving himself in the corner of the room. VH1 executive Jeff Olde is unsure whether the controversial segment will remain in Sunday’s episode, explaining, “We’re still sort of playing with how that looks on television. That may come out.”

Growing Pains actress pleads guilty

Former growing pains star Tracey Gold Marshall has pleaded guilty to driving drunk, causing the crash of her sport utility vehicle (SUV), which injured her husband and two of her three children. The 35-year-old former actress sobbed as she stood before a superior court judge in Los Angeles yesterday and heard the charges against her–one count of felony drunken driving causing injury to her husband Roby Marshall and two allegations that she caused injury to two of her sons. Marshall was behind the wheel of the SUV on Sept. 3 when it went off a highway in Moorpark and rolled down an embankment. She will be sentenced Mar. 21. The crimes could lead to a five-year prison term, although she is expected to be placed on probation because it’s her first drink-driving offense.

Tyler treats maternity staff

New mum Liv Tyler was so delighted with her maternity care at the New York
hospital where she delivered her first child – she treated the staff to beauty
treatments. The Lord of the Rings beauty and English rocker husband Royston Langdon welcomed young Milo into the world at 4:11am on Dec. 14 in the New
York-Presbyterian Hospital. Us weekly magazine reports Tyler has bought pedicures and bliss spa gift certificates for maternity nurses, plus facials for her obstetricians and
head nurse.

Weisz turns down Playboy

Movie beauty Rachel Weisz turned down an offer to appear nude in Playboy because she doesn’t like how the magazine airbrushes its models. The About a Boy star has been invited to strip for the prestigious publication “a couple of times” but decided against going naked–despite her admiration for the high quality of playboy writing. She says, “I thought about it for a good second, I really did. I imagined it. “They do have quite serious pieces in their magazine. They have proper journalism. Their retouching is just not sexy is it?

Swank ready for motherhood

Hollywood actress Hilary Swank has changed since turning 30–she’s now ready for motherhood. The Oscar-winning beauty, married to actor Chad Lowe, celebrated her landmark birthday in July and she’s since realized that having children is something she wants to happen in the very near future. She says, “I felt like I became an adult in my late twenties. I had moved to New York. I really became a woman there. But I’m really happy to hit my thirties. I think having children will happen in my thirties. I certainly wasn’t ready for them in my twenties. But I can see that happening sooner rather than later.”

Witherspoon sweats out cash challenge

Hollywood beauty Reese Witherspoon was left a sweating wreck during the filming of upcoming Johnny Cash biopic, when she had to sing in front of a crowd. Witherspoon gets nervous in large groups of people and found her role-playing Cash’s wife June Carter Cash in Walk the Line a difficult challenge. She says, “I have extreme anxiety in front of crowds and i have to sing in this new Johnny Cash movie. I sweat in places I didn’t know you could sweat. But nervousness is sometimes a good thing. It pushes you forward.”

DiCaprio defends his duty to campaign for Kerry

Leonardo Dicaprio has slammed critics who say celebrities should not have voiced their opinions in the run up to last November’s U.S. presidential
election. DiCaprio was one of many famous folk who campaigned vigorously for democrat candidate John Kerry, who eventually lost when president George W. Bush was re-elected. And The Aviator star claims it was his duty as an American citizen to speak out. He says, “I read some articles that said celebrities shouldn’t have gotten involved in the election, but I honestly think that if it wasn’t for people like Puff Daddy, Brad Pitt, me or Mary J. Blige who went out and spoke then the election wouldn’t have been that close. It is our responsibility to people who look up to people like us, as citizens of the country, to let them know.”

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