News, June 13: Luther Vandross Moves Out of Intensive Care, Eminem’s Ex-Wife Arrested, Spike Lee Temporarily Halts Spike TV, More…

Top Story: Vandross’ Condition Improves

Luther Vandross was moved out of intensive care Thursday for the first time since suffering a debilitating stroke April 16, Reuters reports. “I am happy to report that Luther Vandross continues to improve and that he is more and more responsive each day,” Carmen Romano, his business manager and longtime friend, told Reuters. “I feel as though I am watching a modern-day miracle,” he added.

Eminem’s Ex-Wife Busted for Possible Drug Possession

Kim Mathers, former wife of Grammy-winning rapper Eminem, may be looking at drug charges after police found what looked to be cocaine in her car during a routine traffic violation, The Associated Press reports. Mathers was pulled over Tuesday in St. Clair Shores, Mich., for failure to change lanes to move away from an emergency vehicle that was parked on the shoulder, police told AP, and was arrested for driving with a revoked license. She was released pending further investigation, and no formal charges had been filed as of Thursday afternoon, AP reports.

Love Is in the Air

As if we didn’t already know, Harrison Ford has officially announced he is in love with actress Calista Flockhart, according to People magazine. “Romantic love is one of the most exciting and fulfilling kinds of love and I think there is potential for it at any stage of your life. I was not surprised that I was able to fall in love, and I wasn’t surprised that I did. But I’m very grateful,” Ford, 60, told People.The couple met at the January 2002 Golden Globes.

Peck’s Spirit Hovers Over De Niro’s AFI Tribute

As the American Film Institute honored actor Robert De Niro Thursday with a lifetime achievement award, it was the spirit of film icon Gregory Peck, who had died earlier that day, that permeated the ceremony. Reuters reports as De Niro took the stage to thank the audience and participants for his award, the actor paid simple homage to Peck. “Good night and good night Gregory Peck,” De Niro said.

Hawaiian Kudos for Davis, Reiner

Director Rob Reiner and Geena Davis were both honored at the Maui Film Festival Thursday night, AP reports. Reiner‘s award was given “for his heartfelt professional commitment to making films that matter and his long held personal commitment to work for social justice and the triumph of the human spirit.” Oscar-winning actress Davis was presented the festival’s Stella Award for selecting roles that show women making choices that empower their lives.

Berry Files Suit Against Former Homeowner

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry filed a $2 million lawsuit against the former owner of her home, claiming the house she and her husband, Eric Benet, recently bought needed more than $1 million in repairs, AP reports. Berry claims they paid more than $2 million for the Beverly Hills house, but found out only after the purchase that it “contain[ed] major undisclosed [geological] defects that would require over $1 million in corrective measures.”

Lee Wins Fight Over Name…For Now

Spike Lee was granted a temporary cease and desist in using the name Spike TV. AP reports a Manhattan judge on Thursday granted the 25th Hour director’s petition and ordered Viacom, Inc. to stop using Spike TV as the new name for its TNN Network, pending a trial on the issue. The court, however, also ordered Lee to post a $500,000 bond to cover Viacom’s losses in case the company wins, AP reports.

Fake Britney Spears Gets Fake Breasts

Reuters reports a waxwork model of the pop princess, to be displayed at Madame Tussauds museum in London, will be equipped with a pair of inflatable breasts that will pulsate in time to her dancing. The museum wants to make its models not just visual but tactile. “Brad Pitt has got a squeezable (latex) bum, but Britney would be the first with heaving bosoms,” the museum’s spokeswoman told Reuters.

Role Call: Latifah Hails Taxi, Marshall Takes on Geisha

Queen Latifah is set to star in the 20th Century Fox film Taxi. No, it’s not a big screen version of the hit TV sitcom but a remake of the 1998 French film of the same name. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story centers on a speedy cabbie (Latifah) who teams up with an eager young cop to solve a series of bank robberies…Chicago director Rob Marshall is poised to helm the film adaptation of the popular novel Memoirs of a Geisha, to which director Steven Spielberg was once attached. Geisha follows the life of a young Japanese girl who becomes a very famous and sought-after geisha.