Nickelodeon Launches TV for Moms, Who Don’t Watch Nearly Enough Nickelodeon Already

nickmomlogo.jpgAfter putting the kids to bed after a long day of telling them to clean their rooms, wiping up the organic mac ‘n cheese from the kitchen ceiling, and sitting through countless hours of simplistic children’s programming, you would think most mothers want a little time to themselves to do something adult like drink wine, surf the internet, or read Fifty Shades of Grey. No, apparently what they want to do is watch even more Nickelodeon. Yup, that’s just what most moms want to do.

According to Deadline, Nick Jr., the Nickelodeon channel for kids too young to understand the joys of slime, is launching a block of programming just for moms. The network has four shows nailed down to air in primetime and, of course, they’re all centered on being a mommy. (The accompanying website is already live for all your mommy blogging needs.)
There’s Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, a sort of sketch comedy show that has about a million words in the title, none of which tell you what to expect from the show. There’s NickMom Night Out, a stand-up comedy show where lady comics make jokes about being a mom. There’s What Was Carol Brady Thinking? which is like Pop-up Video of old Brady Bunch episodes where we see what Carol really had on her mind (maybe something to do with her gay husband?). And finally there is MFF: Mom Friends Forever, which is a reality show about moms who are friends but it sounds more like a gag title of a show from a sketch on Parental Discretion and Other Ensuing Hilarity with Stefanie Wilder-Jonathan-Taylor-Thomas
Well, at least there is no SpongeBob! Next season NickMom hopes to add some more shows (that I just made up) including, Kathie Lee’s Search for the Perfect Chardonnay, No, You Can Not Have Another Popsicle, and a panel of spit up experts called The Spew
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