Nicolas Cage Did Shrooms With His Cat: Late Last Night

In what is perhaps the best clip you’ll watch all day, and maybe even all week: here’s Nicolas Cage talking with David Letterman about doing shrooms with his kitty, Louis. Am I lying? Is this too good to be true? Oh no it’s not sir, I wouldn’t deceive you so tremendously!

Jay Leno talked to SNL head writer Seth Meyers, about his time at the Olympics, and about the greatness that is pairs figure skating. He’s quite late to the party, seeing as the smartest people know figure skating isn’t newly awesome, but rather that it’s always been awesome. He also talked about the World Cup, if you still haven’t heard enough about it.

Then, Josh Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand of The Deadliest Catch told Jay about fishing, and how it’s been in their families for generations. Hillstrand also talked about how he got sucked into a boat’s motor one day, and had his guts pulled out of his body through his shoulder. Fishing, everyone! Look into it!

And in case you want to feel like a fat bastard, here’s Eddy Izzard talking to Jimmy Fallon about running 43 marathons in 51 days.

Also, Angie Harmon had an interaction with Mick Jagger one day, and he didn’t believe that her name was really Angie. Can you blame him? You can’t always get what you want, Angie Harmon. (Can’t help it.)