No One Wants to Play Casey Anthony: Lifetime’s TV Movie Loses Its Lead

Casey AnthonyIt had to be one of the hardest jobs in show business to find a young, bright-eyed actress who’s nothing short of stoked to play the woman accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter. And it’s no wonder. While Anthony was acquitted in a court of law, the court of public opinion continues to hold her accountable for the tragedy. Lifetime’s Imperfect Justice, a TV movie based on Anthony’s trial, had nabbed its lead, newcomer Holly Deveaux, but according to People, the young actress has just dropped out. 

Of course, with names like Rob Lowe on board as a producer and actor in the role of prosecutor Jeff Ashton, there had to be somewhat of a draw for young hopefuls. Lifetime has since scored Deveaux’s replacement, Virginia Welch, a Texas native and up-and-coming actress who’s worked on a handful of indie films and a few regional theater productions. And for now, it seems the young star is excited about her new, challenging role. On June 3, she tweeted, “Welp, off to Canada for 3 weeks. Can’t use mah phone but plz feel free to FB, email, & SKYPE! Wish me luck and happy thoughts :).” Imperfect Justice is filming in Canada.
While Anthony’s character is certainly no picnic, the role also calls for a bit of a challenge. Getting inside the mind of a woman who the majority of the population believes was wrongfully acquitted for the murder of young Caylee Anthony is a task that should be intriguing for any young actress. However, it comes with the potential stigma of relegating one’s young reputation to being “the girl who played Casey Anthony” for the rest of your career. reached out to Lifetime regarding the casting change. Lifetime has yet to comment on the switch.

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