‘NSYNC’s Lance Bass Is Bringing Us a Boy-Band Reality Show

Lance Bass NSYNCHey y’all! Are you ready for the MTV Spring Break Beach Party? Coming to you life from Cabo San Lucas — oh, wait. I’m sorry. Is it not still 1999? Oh, it’s not? Then why is Lance Bass from ‘NSYNC creating a new reality show wherein brand new boy bands are formed by former boy band stars? Does anyone else feel like time just shifted?

Anyway, this new venture is one of six — yes, SIX — new reality pitches that Bass just sold. Man, who knew the baritone ‘NSYNC-er who I still remember best for acting like the best nutjob in the psyche ward in that “I Drive Myself Crazy” video was going to be a reality TV mogul? I mean, I always knew Justin Timberlake would be forever awesome (take that, Dad), but I figured Lance would just go on being that guy who used to be in a boy band. Well, good for him.

If you’re actually interested in this show he sold to VH1, it looks like it takes a page from Making The Band, uses scotch tape to fasten it to a page from The Voice’s playbook, and tacs on a few no-longer famous former boy band sensations. ‘NSYNC’s Joey Fatone, New Kids on The Block’s Joey McIntyre, and New Edition’s Bobby Brown (he’s not quite official yet) will each form their own boy band from Lance’s pool of talented applicants and those respective boy bands will face off to determine who’s the best group to ever wear too much Dep and faux-tattoo t-shirts.

Now. Will I watch this train wreck? Probably. Will I have any respect for it? Nope. But I will probably cue up the DVR, find a bag of some terrible snack that you can only love when you’re 13 years old, bring that No Strings Attached tour t-shirt out of storage and watch this show like it’s the late 90s all over again.

Source: Vulture