‘Nurse Jackie’ Recap: Fresh Out

S3:E8 “Sorry, fresh out.” – Bill

Jackie met her dealer in their usual diner, and he told her that he was out of pills. This sent Jackie into a tailspin but to try and soothe her pain, Bill told her that he was going back to Miami to restock his supply. Jackie refused to allow Bill to leave New York without giving her any kind of pills, and he suggested that Jackie come over to his apartment that night and he would give her something to keep her occupied while he was away. Jackie wasn’t convinced that going over to Bill’s house was a good idea, but she was too addicted to pills to say no and Bill eased her worries by telling her the building had a doorman.

“You would so kick ass in AA.” – Zoey

A guy came in to the ER high on what was initially an unknown drug. After he was sedated and treated for his overdose, Sam brought the labs over to Jackie and told her she was right in believing he had ingested crazy amounts of PCP. Jackie instructed him to give him some more Ativan and handed the bag of it to him, but he said cases where patients ODed made him uncomfortable because he is a recovering addict as well. Jackie asked him what Sam’s sponsor would tell him to do in this situation and he replied that he would tell him to be of service. So Jackie requested that he be of service to the man who is currently in need of servicing, and after Sam agreed to do his job, Zoey commented that it’s just too bad that Jackie isn’t in AA because she could cure a helluva lot of people. Later in the day, O’Hara was checking on the patient and she took off one of his restraints because his IV was caught and upon being released, the guy slammed his hand into her chest and shoved her against the wall. She was in shock for the rest of the day and when she went into the pharmacy to try and find something to alleviate her pain, Eddie comforted her with a hug. Jackie happened to walk by at the moment of consolation. Jackie went into the bathroom and rubbed some of the remaining powder from her last fix on her gums.

“I got a lot of rage.” – Kevin

Kevin’s friend who’s an electrician stopped by to make sure his bar had regained power after a storm hit the area. But before he did, he ran a check on Kevin just to make sure he still owned the place and he found out that he had an outstanding ticket for speeding with his two daughters in the car. Kevin explained it was from the morning after he found out Jackie had been doing drugs, and his reaction to the information was to pack up his things and take his kids and drive away. That’s when he got pulled over for speeding, and Kevin said it was because he felt such tremendous rage towards Jackie for betraying him. His friend asked if he’d ever considered cheating on his wife just to take the edge off of his situation. Kevin said he wasn’t interested in doing that.

“That PCP guy was a disaster. I threw my back out trying to restrain him.”

Jackie went into the pharmacy to check with Eddie as to whether or not O’Hara had taken anything for the pain of being shoved up against a wall by a man who was high on PCP. Eddie said she hadn’t, and because she was scraping the bottom of her very own barrel, Jackie told Eddie that she threw her back out while she was trying to put restraints on him when he was being admitted. Eddie told her to try Pilates instead of offering her any kind of medication, and Jackie cursed him out for not helping her in a time of need.

The episode concluded with Jackie going to meet Bill outside his apartment. Unfortunately for her, he was unable to give her any pills to satiate her because as he was crossing the street, one of the gargoyles from the top of his building fell down onto the street and narrowly missed hitting him on the head. As he was walking around it, his gaze remained fixated on the shattered cement and he did not see the truck that was headed straight for him. After the deadly impact had occurred, Jackie did exactly as she had done before and briskly walked away from his lifeless body.