NY Comic Con: The Stars of ‘Stranger Things’ Share Season 2 Secrets!


Day 2 of New York Comic Con set the stage for the “Inside the Upside Down” panel with Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and David Harbour (Chief Hopper). Moderated by Vulture TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz, the stars answered questions about the show, shared a few behind the scene stories, and gave us a hint of what to expect for Season 2.

What About Barb?


The first question regarded the fate of dear Barb and if she actually met her demise in Season 1. Although Harbour promised that Season 2 will deal with the loose ends regarding her story, he unfortunately confirmed that Barb is “very much dead.” Sorry Barb fans.

How many Eggos is too many Eggos?


On the topic of Eggo Waffles, Brown said she liked them but did not enjoy how many she had to eat. She said they taste really nice but not if she has to eat fifteen of them. She also shared that she is fond of the blueberry ones.

Brown also spoke about the difficulties of portraying Eleven, a character with very limited dialogue. She stated that she had to find a way to go beyond the one-word lines of “yes”, “no”, and “Papa” to find deeper ways to convey who her character was.

Chief Fanboy Hopper?


Harbour and Brown also revealed that the first friend they both made on set was Winona Ryder  who plays Joyce Byers. According to Harbour, he was a “total fanboy” of hers during the ’80s and that nothing has changed. He and Brown both described Ryder as a “lovely, smart, fiercely intelligent woman.”

What about Season 2?


Now for Season 2, Harbour and Brown reminded us they had to stay silent about the big things, but Harbour did say that the second season is “Insane.” He also hinted that the show may give more insight to the backstory of Hopper’s daughter who we only get to see in flashbacks in Season 1.